We Offer

  • Do you offer credit terms to your buyers?
  • Do you get paid 30/60/90 days after you have shipped the goods?
  • Waste precious time to get Buyer L/c or get credit insurance?
  • Need a flexible financing facility to expand your export business?

Seawise Capital unlocks cash tied up in the supply chain, creating a win-win situation for both you and your suppliers. Our solution helps your suppliers get paid early, while offering you improved payment terms on the invoices. Improved payment terms mean improved cash management for your business, and a stronger supplier relationship.

We have a range of products to suit different Importer needs, and our team can advise you on which products best meet your requirements.



Improved Payment Terms

Pay when convenient for you on flexible terms
Stronger Supplier Relationships
Supplier gets paid on time, creating a stronger relationship
Competitive Pricing

We offer low cost and transparent pricing
Improved Cash Flow

We unlock valuable capital locked up in your supply chain
24x7 Support Services

With a global presence, we have support centres in different time zones to cater to your needs.
Grow your business
Without Collateral - Without Credit Risk
With Seawise Capital

We Work

We cover all payment methods – CAD, Open account, D/A, D/P. Moreover, We cover all geographies, and your suppliers can be based anywhere in the world.
Step 1

Initial KYC checks completed within 24hrs.

Step 2

Get your buyers approved in 48 hours.

Step 3
Submit live invoices and shipping documents & start enjoying the facility.
You can get a facility up and running in a week
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Funding Flow

  • Importer enters facility agreement with Seawise Capital

  • Seawise Capital pays the Exporter as per agreed upon payment terms between Importer and Exporter (CAD, Open Account, D/A, D/P)

  • Exporter ships the goods to the Importer

  • Importer pays Seawise Capital upon payment terms mutually agreed beforehand - between Seawise Capital and the Importer.

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